Practical Pistol (IPSC)

Director: Creg Gustafson (254) 829-2412

Steel Challenge/Carbine Directors:
  • Bob Acker (254) 315-1979
  • Robert Keck (254) 744-4894

Central Texas Rifle and Pistol Club's Practical Pistol (IPSC) Program is affiliated with the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA). Matches adhere to rules laid out by the International Practical Shooting Confederation:

IPSC targets have a 15-centimeter center representing the "A zone" or bullseye. Most shooting takes place at relatively close distances, with rare shots out to 50 meters. Hitting a 15-centimeter zone might seem easy to an experienced pistol shooter, but in IPSC only full power handguns are used (9mm or larger).

Mastering a full power handgun is considerably more difficult than shooting a light recoiling target pistol, especially when the competitor is trying to go as fast as possible. Time is a key factor. Target points are divided by the time taken to achieve them, adding to the challenge.

All Practical Pistol matches are open to the public. Please contact one of the program directors for any questions regarding participation.

Practical Pistol matches take place at 10am on the 3rd Saturday of each month year-round. Practical Pistol Steel Challenge matches take place at 10am on the 2nd Sunday of each month. These are great practice for the Practical Pistol (IPSC) matches. Both matches take place on range #2.

Visit the Practical Pistol Program's website for more information and prior match scoring.

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